God is preparing my way

God is preparing my way

In 2010 I passed by a place called Iron Horse Farm in my neighborhood and was instantly connected to it. 

In 2020 a pastor friend of mine whose name is Gary sent me a link to a place he thought I should have. It was that exact Horse Farm that I have been connected to now for over a decade. Ironically, he had no clue about my connection to this place and also no clue it was within walking distance from where I live.

My pastor friend Gary and I recently reconnected, after I moved away and lost touch with him in 2005. It's been such a blessing for me, because he was always a friend who was like minded and encouraged me in my walk with God.

For me, all in God's perfect timing and plan, he reappears to help me see the plan God is preparing not only for me, but many others. I had a vision in my prayer time years ago of a place such as this, it was a raw vision, but it was land and people were led to it who were seeking. Today, that vision has become clearer, and I can now see how God makes a way, for those who listen and trust in His leading and guiding upon their life.

I have always been a "Here am I, send me" type person. I love moving and flowing with His Spirit, personally there is no other way, that I would like to live.

I felt led today to start this blog, maybe it will be confirmation of seeing God at work. Maybe He would like to show others that He is alive and well, and still working for the greater good in the lives of His children. All, I personally know at this point is to be sensitive to His Spirit leading me, and to pray for my daily bread, and then to sit back and watch Him work.

This is Day 1 August 30th, 2020. All praises and honor goes to the ONE who still is there for us all, no matter what. Thank you, Father.

Prayer for today:
Thank you so much for leading and guiding my life, thank you so much for touching my life in a powerful way when I was only 10 years of age in that summer of 1972, and continuing all these years to help me to grow and learn and develop the fortitude to press on. Keep filling me full to overflowing with your Love, Your Grace, Your Wisdom and all the other things I will need to be Your Mouthpiece for those in need today.
I love you so very much!
Thank you, for being You.
Your loving daughter